Property Management

While the process of purchasing property in many European countries can be a time consuming, difficult process in itself, making that investment work beyond purchase can prove even more difficult.

Just some of the things you need to consider, arrange and pay for include:

Assess the local market (Furnished or unfurnished preferred? Achievable rents for your type of property) Furnishing your property (Finding a supplier, choosing for the market, delivery)

Finding a letting agent (Who is reliable? Who provides the best service? Who can achieve the rent you are after?)

Overseeing the agent on an ongoing basis until your unit is let? (Is the agent doing everything they can?

Is your property on the market at the right price?)

Handling rental offers (Who has applied? Are they suitable? What checks have been done?)

Signing up the tenant (Signing of tenancy agreement, setting up of rent payment)

That’s just up to the point of getting your tenant. What about the ongoing management of that tenant and maintenance of your property? That’s paperwork, financial tracking, time, hassle and cost. i-PropertyAssets can help you with all of this – and more.

Local Market Assessment

Local Market Researchi-PropertyAssets can call on nearly 10 years of property expertise and our network of local letting agents in order to assess the state of the current market, discover current rent levels, what properties are in demand and in what state and then advise you on how to proceed getting your property working for you as quickly as possible.

Our extensive, on the ground knowledge enables us to provide you with detailed information based on the location of your property in a particular city, its size and local demand for similar properties.


Furnishing your European propertiesWhere our recommendation to you is that properties let better – and at higher rents – furnished, we can provide you with furniture packs from our local suppliers.

These furniture packs will be put together with the local rental market in mind and you will be able to choose the options you prefer – with further advice from us if required.

Because we manage a large number of properties, we are able to negotiate significant discounts from suppliers, meaning you pay less for furnishing your property than you would do going it alone.

If your property has been completed without a kitchen, we also have kicthen suppliers and fitters which we can engage on your behalf, again with significant discounts.

Finding & Overseeing A Letting Agent

Comprehensive, Europe-wide network of letting agentsi-PropertyAssets has already checked a comprehensive list of agents operating in 25 European cities and chosen the ones we deem to be the best – for marketing your property, finding and choosing the right tenants and keeping void periods to a minimum.

We’ve done the comprehensive groundwork and research on your behalf, so you can be confident in getting your property working for you as quickly as possible, while we monitor the performance of all our chosen agents regularly. If you’re not happy, we’ll investigate.

Ongoing Management

Property ManagementJust as we have with letting agents, i-PropertyAssets has done the legwork for you when it comes to property management providers. We have carefully chosen the managing agents we believe will ensure your property is maintained to the highest standard, your tenants remain happy in their home and you continue to reap the rewards of your investments.

The day to day management of your property and your tenants is handled by i-PropertyAssets and our partners, leaving you free to focus on your life. Only the major decisions are brought to your attention and we keep you fully informed of what is going on via our unique online property management system.

Our chosen partners are constantly under review to ensure they continue to provide the highest of level of service on your behalf.

Where We Operate

We currently operate in 25 cities in five countries across Europe.

BulgariaCzech RepublicPolandRomaniaSlovakia
SofiaBrnoGliwiceBaia MareBratislava
Hradec KraloveKrakowBucharestTrnava