Property Sales

As with all forms of investment, there
comes a time when you will want to
sell your asset. The reasons for selling
could be:
– To cash in on profit accrued
– To flip before completion
– To avoid further costs
– To free up capital for
alternative investments
Or maybe something else personal to
your circumstances.
If you would like i-PropertyAssets to
market your property using our
network of agents and database of
primed property investors, click the
button below to download our
Marketing Agreement and complete
the online form.

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your property, i-PropertyAssets’ Property Sales service could help you achieve the price you want in the timeframe you need.

Where i-PropertyAssets stands out is in the up to the minute information we can provide on the price you can expect to receive for your property and way we can market your property.

Our expertise, knowledge and experience in these markets mean we know what price your property is likely to achieve, how to market it get the best price possible and how to do so as quickly as possible.

In fact, achieving the right balance between getting the best price and selling as quickly as you need to is key – and i-PropertyAssets know how.

Unlike other options you may have, we can sell your property to two markets – the local market and property investors. If it’s maximum profit you want, the local market is likely to be your best route. But if
you need to sell your property fast, a cash rich, primed buyer in the shape of a property investor might be your best bet.

Through our local network of estate agents and our database of investors, we can target one – or both if you want – sets of potential buyers, ensuring you achieve your aim.

Selling To The Local Market

In the same way that we have researched, assessed and chosen letting agents in a wide range of European cities, our network of estate agents has been comprehensively vetted to ensure they will provide the best marketing for your unit.

Their intimate knowledge of the markets in which they operate is vital in securing the best possible price for your property when you come to sell it, directly targeting the buyers most likely to purchase.

Selling To Investors

If, for whatever reason, it’s a fast sale you’re after and especially if you are willing to sell your property at a lower price than the market average, then targeting our database of property investors is the right way to go.

We have a large number of investors who have indicated their desire to invest in properties in a wide range of European markets – if the price is right.

Where We Operate

The table below shows the markets in which we can currently sell your property for you.

BulgariaCzech RepublicPolandRomaniaSlovakia
SofiaBrnoGliwiceBaia MareBratislava
Hradec KraloveKrakowBucharestTrnava